The recently restored Palmer Fire School boasts a unique gathering place for Charlotteans.

The rubble stone structure was built in the late 1930's during President Roosevelt's Works

Progress Administration in an effort to employ people in the midst of the great depression.

Then Fire Chief Hendrix Palmer, which the building was named after, lobbied government

officials to approve funding for construction of the facility to provide firefighters with the

best training facility in the country at that time.


Many firefighters themselves aided in the construction of the building hauling materials

from an old tannery on Burton Street and later excavating and finishing two-thirds of the

basement. The grounds were also landscaped by firefighters which now boast breath taking

magnolias, oaks, and pines. In thirty plus years the facility acted as a training academy it

was also utilized as a social gathering place for dances and barbecues. How appropriate this

unique structure be restored to it's full potential and added to the National Historical



The Palmer Building
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